Monday, 5 December 2016

New Products for 2016

This past year Diana Lee Cosmetics has developed a couple of new products for our customers. These new products are Hair Be Gone Sugar Wax, Baby's Own Body Butter with Lavender & Diana Lee's Puffy Eye Cream. These new products have done very well this year for us and we have received many compliments for the new products.

Hair Be Gone Sugar Wax.:
Sugaring is the new wax for hair removal.

Body Sugaring is simple and all natural. The sugar paste composed only of sugar, lemon and water so there are none of the artificial ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction.

Body Sugaring is less painful than waxing because sugar doesn't adhere to live skin cells the way wax does. This reduces irritation to your skin. So your Brazilian will be more comfortable.

As opposed to waxing, Body Sugaring extracts the hair from the follicle in the natural direction of hair growth. This results in fewer hairs breaking off rather than being extracted, as well as less pain, less skin irritation and fewer ingrown hairs. Sugaring while a young hair is in the earliest stage of growth (the anagen stage) results in permanent hair removal over time. And with each treatment the hairs become easier to remove and that means less pain. This is particularly important for Brazilians.

Baby's Own Body Butter with Lavender:
Baby's Own Body Butter is a great way of nourishing the skin, especially in this cold season. Effective in treating diaper rash and cradle cap. Can also be used for a calming baby massage and for a gentle baby belly rub. Our Lavender Baby's Own Body Butter is soothing goodness to your skin and will moisturize deep with a fantastic light fragrance of Lavender. Made with our special mixture of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, 100% Pure Vitamin E Oil and lightly scented with Lavender 40/42 Essential oil. You and Baby will just love this new Baby's Own Body Butter.

Diana Lee's Puffy Eye Cream:
We have developed our own Under Eye Cream to help reduce dark circles and under eye puffiness. We have infused caffeine with Sweet Almond Oil.

If you are a coffee lover then you definitely love the products that are made from coffee. Coffee is an excellent beauty aid, it is full of antioxidants and the caffeine in the coffee helps to increase the blood circulation that helps to treat cellulite, dark circles, tighten and brighten the skin. It also helps to promote hair growth, adding natural highlights and shine to your hair.

Improves skin texture – Coffee is said to tighten the skin and improve the texture of it

Increases blood flow – The caffeine that is a part of the coffee increases the blood flow to the skin. This decreases the appearance of the cellulite, varicose veins and stretch marks. It also melts the fat cells from the body.

Acts as an antioxidant – Caffeine is a natural anti-oxidant and is said to fight with free radicals in the body that causes oxidation. Thus, you can rely on coffee oil to ward off wrinkles and fine lines.

Coffee promotes hair growth – The caffeine stimulates the follicle’s ability to produce hair.

Reduces Puffy eyes and dark circles – Caffeine, when applied topically to the skin, constricts the blood vessels under the skin and help reduce puffy eyes and also treat dark circles.

Diana & I look forward to 2017 and many more new products for our customers.