Sunday, 29 December 2019

Feminine Care Personal Wash

Feminine Care Personal Wash

There are so many Feminine Care products on the market today it is really hard to tell which one to use that best suites your body needs. Well for the past year I have worked on a formula that will be gentle to the body, that will clean without a ton of foam and will re-balance your ph.

Diana Lee's Feminine Care Personal Wash is Gentle and effective. Real Natural Foaming Feminine Wash helps maintain healthy PH levels to alleviate odour and irritation. Infused with natural ingredients like Lavender Essential Oil. One pump is all you need for a luxurious, airy foam to cleans and protect your intimate area.

The ingredients of this Feminine Care Personal Wash include 100% Pure Always Active Aloe Vera, Pure Natural Castile Soap, Sweet Almond Oil & Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil making this product 100% natural. We think your going to love this new product.

·         Gently cleanses and freshens your intimate area.
·         Sooths with natural ingredients like Lavender
·         Helps maintain a natural PH balance
·         No artificial Fragrances or parabens
·         100% Natural

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